Entrepreneur Tomika McFadden strives to empower people with disabilities

Article by Ayana Jones for the Philadelphia Tribune

Tomika McFadden is laser focused on empowering people with disabilities.

She is the founder and CEO of Pennsylvania Care Associates, an agency that coordinates services for individuals with medical and physical disabilities.

Her late son, Kalvin, serves as a motivating factor in her agency’s work. The 24-year-old was a business owner who encouraged youth and young adults to attend college. Kalvin was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and had a double lung transplant. He died in September 2015 after his body rejected the transplanted lungs.

“Even though he had this disability, he was extremely ambitious,” McFadden said.

“My goal is really to do exactly what my son has done, which is to inspire other people with medical and physical disabilities, to be their best self, to live their best life, to focus on their ability and not just their disability and empower them to in so many ways.”

McFadden’s company previously served as a health management consulting firm that specialized in helping small business, prior to receiving a government contract to coordinate services for people with disabilities who are 18 and older.

Pennsylvania Care Associates serves 33 counties in the state and has more than 1,000 clients. The Jenkintown-based company started out with one intern in January 2016 and has since grown to encompass 43 employees.

McFadden said the agency began to experience growth after


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