Member Spotlight: Tomika McFadden

Article by Mike Banks for the African American Chamber of Commerce

As the CEO of a growing startup company, Tomika McFadden’s days are anything but typical. Her company – Pennsylvania Care Associates – connects individuals with disabilities and the underinsured with the resources they need to live independently and access quality healthcare. She is both a problem solver and a mediator who wears many hats: firefighter, coach, therapist, educator, counselor, drill sergeant, and drum major – all before 9 a.m. She recently hosted the largest urban health and music festival in the nation.

As an AACC member, Tomika has been able to grow her network and reconnect with her peers in the business community. She is currently focused on growing her business and providing opportunities for her team and their ideas. To Tomika, success is measured by how many people she is able to help.

Tomika spends most of her free time creating art through painting as a means of self-expression. She also enjoys yoga, nature walks, deep meditation and listening to Spanish music. You can learn more about Tomika’s work here.


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